Deming Yu

The Chinese painter Deming Yu (1972, Kaihua, Zhe Jiang province) is an autodicact. His first principles in art were the drawings he made on floors and walls in his parental home. His parents, who were poor workers, saw his desire to become more skilled in painting, but were unable to afford an art education for him. No reason for Deming Yu to give up drawing and painting ...

Deming Yu has been working as an independent painter for more than 20 years now. In the tradition of many beginning Chinese artists, in the early years he mainly copied the great European masters. And so the painter developed his talent and vision of the great art of painting. Deming Yu is now well past the stage of copying; as an autonomous painter, he has secured a place in the Chinese art scene with his refined and characteristic works, in which landscapes have his preference.

One of the largest series he has made is 1000 self-portraits, all of which are in his own collection. Works on canvas, panel but also, for example, on used paint cans, packaging materials, in short, anything the painter could find.

Mostly painted on panel, using the traditional tempera techniques and wrapped in attractive frames, the works of Deming Yu are particularly charming pieces, painted quickly and with courage and are reminiscent of the colors and brushstrokes of the great European masters of yesteryear.


The work "Untitled" was selected into the Fujian Province Twelve Original Works Exhibition and won the Excellent Award; Shanghai "Art V S Life" Five Artists Exhibition; The work "Square Cake" was selected into the original Xiamen Heron Works Exhibition;

Shanghai Art Fair; Shanghai · On site ART + International Art Museum, Shanghai; Bund Center Art Exhibition; Shanghai Different Languages ​​Art Exhibition; Incredible Contemporary Art Exhibition; Nanjing, wayward art exhibition; Singapore Art Fair; "Black Power"
Yu Deming Small Landscape Works Solo Exhibition, Shanghai He Art Gallery,
Hong Kong Asian contemporary art fair;
Art Guangzhou Expo;
Still Life "Flowers and Not Flowers" at the Grand Palais in Paris, France;
Berlin · Forward exhibition, Germany, works are collected;
The "Line Image" series of works with the theme of Chinese stock market is exhibited in Frankfurt, Germany, Dusseldorf Tour Exhibition;
The works are collected by the Embassy of China in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf.
Many of the works sold by Galerie Kunstbroeders in Europe are in private and corporate collections.