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Lin Jin Chun is a member of the Fujian Artists Association, a leading group of artists in Shanghai. Lin Jin Chun has his studio in the same bustling city. Lin Jin Chun’s works are regularly exhibited in China. Thanks to the contact with Galerie Kunstbroeders, his works have also been exhibited and sold in Europe since 2011. There have been exhibitions in France, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Lin Jin Chun is a painter of many talents. His oeuvre is very diverse; of very expressionistic (Nudes); Impressionist pasty painted flowers and plants and his Tibet portrait series to very detailed, such as certain still lifes.   Lin Jin Chun is a master in all his work and is exclusively represented in Europe by Galerie Kunstbroeders.

Lin in his workshop at work creating one of his horses;( scroll further for his artworks)