Liu Yan

Liu Yan is born in Shaoyang, provincie Hunan, P.R. China in 1979

2003-2006 Hunan Vocational College of Art, Writer if Theatre pieces


2008 Started oil painting in Peking

2011 “No story — AdiSiDe” Yan Liu Art Exhibit, bij Yang Hong Art Gallery, Beijing

2013 Oilpainting ‘Double bed’ selected in Artists of New China, Painting Volume, p119

2013 Start human interaction project  ‘Utopianism’ in Boston, USA

2014 Start photo project ‘Depressed Portraits’ with American Portraits and  Chinese Portraits in Boston, New York, Beijing, Hunan en Yunan  

2015  Exposition of Liu Yan’s in Qian Xing Art Gallery, Changsha, Hunan

2017-2018 Expositions in Galerie Kunstbroeders  

2017-2020 Participation at various Art fairs in Europe


2012   ‘Away from Realism’ – Nomination at the Artexposition of Hunan Yong in Changsha 798 Yusi Space, Hunan Oil Painting Association

2013  Performance Generation — Beishi Times, bij Song Zhuang Xiao Bao Yi Zhan Art Center, door Shong Zhuang Art Association of Advancement

2013 Zelfportret-exposities van 115 kunstenaars, Beijing Contemporary Art Gallery

2013  Zelfportret-exposities van de twintigste verjaardag van Song Zhuang Artist Group, bij Song Zhuang Art Gallery, Beijing

2015  Dangliang Art Exhibits, in Changsha Li Art Gallery, door Hunan Oil Painting Association, Bronze award

2015  Visual Art Exhibits, bij Dali Erhaichuangqi Gallery, Dali Yunnan