Fu Yu

 Fu Yu was born in Linfen, Shanxi Province in 1982 and he graduated from the oil painting department of Chuanyin Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts in 2006. In 2009 he graduated from the oil painting research studio of China Academy of Arts. 

Fu Yu had many solo- and groups exhibitions among:

-2009 “dialogue” – Fu Yu solo exhibition Shanghai Xiangdi Art Center

-2011 Cool and happy: Fu Yu and Zhang Shuang’s double exhibition Chengdu Nate Gallery

-2015 Fu Yu Works Exhibition Beijing classic elements art space

-2018 Loneliness and sadness in childlike innocence in  

The eight galleries in Shanghai 

 -2019 Taipei Leixiang Gallery, Formosa International Art Fair  

-2019 The first landscape Young Artists Invitation Exhibition in Beijing Landscape Art Museum

-2019 The 4th “New Youth” contemporary art international promotion plan in Shanghai New Art Museum

-2019 Dongyan Spanish Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition Shanghai Sumei M50 Gallery

The 14th Asian contemporary art exhibition in 2019

Shenzhen International Art Fair Shenzhen Bananjam

-2018 Youth Art + excellent works overseas tour Sweden

Stockholm Chinese Culture Center

-2018 The 4th invitation exhibition of young and middle aged German artists in Berlin, Germany ;Kommunale Art Gallery

-2018 Young Artist Award Nomination Exhibition Beijing XYZ Gallery

-2018 Castelli art space, USA

2018 “New Youth” contemporary art international promotion program, Metropolitan Museum of America

2017 Curitiba Biennale, Brazil City Art Museum