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Chen Jianfeng was born in 1970 in Suchuan Jianyang and received his art degree from Sichuan Neijing’Teachers College. He won first prize during his studies with the artwork ‘Busy Man’.

Chen has had numerous group and solo exhibitions in China and Asia. Just like in the USA and in Europe. Galerie Kunstbroeders introduced Chen to Europe and showed him for the first time at Naarden The Art Fair and Art Karlsruhe in 2020. His work is in the permanent collections of the Beijing Shanhai Art Museum, among others; the Nanjing Baijiahui Art Museum and the Beijing Songzhuang Art Museum

Chen’s surreal style is characterized by creating a crystalline visual language with blocks that are often transparent and seem to let light through from behind. In uniform colours, he creates, as it were, a sculpture of beautiful dreamy transparent creatures.

Galerie Kunstbroeders has currently acquired a number of new small paintings by this artist from the series ‘Alienation of Secret Rhythm’ in which Chen draws attention to the rich Chinese culture with many small minorities. China has about 56 ethnic groups, of which the Han Chinese are by far the largest. Yet besides the Han Chinese, there are about 100 million Chinese who belong to some minority group, some as few as 10,000 people.