Chen Jun

Chen Jun

Born in Yueyang , Hunan province in 1977 He graduated from the Department of Traditional Chinese Painting of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree.He graduated from Hu Wei Comprehensive Materials Studio of National Academy of Painting in 2018.Now working and living in Xiamen, Beijing, freelance painter.

Borders are redefined in this globalized and networked age. The boundary of Culture and art have been breached. As an art form and culture value, ink painting cannot be confined to a regional monolingual state. What we are facing in this age is not only our own traditions but also the multiculture of globalization. Ink painting plays an important role in the process of internationalization and contemporary transformation. The uniqueness of ink art is also the specific identity of Chinese artists in the international context. Traditional ink painting has been lost in the present context. Our own tradition’s re-understanding about the ink art should be with a new aesthetic vision and the concept of the times should be integrated into the thinking of contemporary culture, and then realize traditional ink’s transformation in contemporary world. To find an effective art form in the contemporary context, and participate in the extensive international cultural exchanges with a different ethnic identity. At the intersection of eastern and Western cultures, we need rethink the possibility of ‘recreate’ of ink painting in contemporary.

‘Re-create‛ is not repeat but overturn, It is to re-explore and re-learn and re-create the traditional culture in the current cultural background.

198 ( klik hier voor de video met Chen Jun aan het werk voor Galerie Kunstbroeders)

Attached is an impression of Chen Jun’s fabulous technique that he uses in the works ‘In this World No 1 and No2’, specially made for Galerie Kunstbroeders. Drops of ink and paint in all kinds of colors, which he uses to create three dimensional landscapes.