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The painter Sheng Shaopeng studied at the renowned China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. During and after his studies, Shaopeng captured the attention of art connoisseurs with his amazing paintings, in which he contrasted present-day China with the China of the past, with considerable emotion and piercing vision.

In 2006, thanks to his (then international) success, Shaopeng opened his own art studio in Shanghai. With this showcase, he managed to attract even more admirers and buyers inside and outside of China. Shaopeng is a passionate artist with enormous technical talent and his own personal visual language. His presence at the international art fair, Art Basel 2013, did not go unnoticed by international art lovers and collectors.

That same year, the Kunstbroeders Gallery acquired the portrait series  ‘Compassion Heart’  large sized (150 x 200 cm) paintings on canvas, with a self-portrait of the painter. Impressive, contemplative male faces in contemporary black-and-white hues. Painted in a bold, seldom-seen combination of oils, latex and filler, the materials produce an impressive canvas, creating a balance between painting and sculptor, between canvas and stonework. With their superb brushstrokes, fascinating structure with minimum imparity, their sparkle and transparency, these paintings rise to a museological level. Once you have stood face to face with such works, you will not easily forget them. All the large sized paintings have been acquired by private and institutional collectors all over the world. 

From 2015 or so Sheng has painted rarely as he had to take care for his aged parents on the countryside in China. It is only very recent recently that he started to take the brushes again at hand and started with a new series of smaller sized (186 x 116 cm) impressive ‘Compassion Heart’ paintings.