Zeng Pu



Zeng Pu’s work show fragments of life and illusions. In the moment he sees a motive he transfers his feeling onto the canvas. The paintings become a record of his memory. The images are floating in a space, like feelings floating in his heart, which became the name of the series of his work: “Heart”. The images are a expression of youth.

He Duoling says that Zeng Pu is like a model of the young contemporary artists of China. He is not concerned of his outer appearance. He is completely submerged in his art and the art scene around him.

Zeng Pu remains in his own world, he keeps distance to society and tries to live a very simple lifestyle. The way to connect to the outer world is the Cyberspace. However his real life-space is in his paintings.

He Duoling recommends that the best way in appreciating Zeng Pu’s work is, approaching the art work from distance and with any step closer you will notice the very detailed elegance of the images.

Even most of the paintings are small, they are like modules of a big picture, you combine them differently and they will tell you a different story every time.