Gang Shan

 NEW. We are happy to introduce to you our new artist SHAN GANG.

Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts of Anhui Normal University in 1984, Shan Gang worked at the Hefei Art Museum in the same year
He moved to Amsterdam,  the Netherlands in 1988 as a professional Dutch painter and now lives in Shanghai and Hefei.

Shan Gang creates paintings equally inspired by traditional Chinese ink painting and European and American modernism. His outlined figures, whose features are often rendered in a two-dimensional manner, have their roots in ink painting, while his dense application of colorful brushwork suggests Western abstraction. Immersed in the Chinese painting tradition before going to live and study in Holland, Shan favors subject matter that is sociopolitical in tone—from a woman in a Maoist-style cap and tunic to a silenced family wearing eg  smog masks. 

His art can be described as naive abstract and figurative. His paintings are direct and spontaneous, full of warm colour and phantasy. His brush stokes are firm and thick and very often is his pallet of colours,  one of many bright and unmixed colours. 

Shan Gang had numerous exhibitions all around the world and got international recognition with his art.  Exhibitions(not complete):  

 1980-2000 East China Watercolor and Gouache Art Exhibition(Shanghai)Anhui Province Art Works Exhibition (Hefei)Hefei Modern Art Exhibition (Hefei)Artist Group Exhibition (Hefei)
Solo Exhibition at Noshaka Gallery, Capital of Zambia (Zambia, Africa)“RAT” Art Fair (Amsterdam) “238” Gallery-Solo Exhibition (Amsterdam), “Zist” Art Fair in Southern Holland in July 1993 (Netherlands), “238” Gallery-Solo Exhibition (Amsterdam), Caishi Art Environment Chinese Artists Group Exhibition (Taiwan) and Color Stone “Mi Luo” Art Environment-Solo Exhibition (Taiwan), Four Artists Group Exhibition at Caishi Art Gallery (Taiwan), the International Art Museum-New Nature Five Contemporary Works Exhibition (Beijing), “Ink and Wash” Art Exhibition of Chinese in the World (Beijing Art Museum)
 2000-2010, Double Exhibition at Hailai Gallery-Lively and Fragrance (Shanghai) and Three-person Exhibition in Sheng Art Space-Abstraction, Object Image and Image (Shanghai)Shanghai Grand Theater Gallery-Oriental Golden Autumn Joint Exhibition (Shanghai) and as well , Double Exhibition of Xianghai Art Space, No.50 Moganshan Road, (Shanghai), Xinran Art Space Joint Exhibition(Beijing) and Art Fair (Shanghai), Kun Art Space Duo Exhibition (Shanghai), France GALERIE ARTENOO Joint Exhibition (Shanghai), Joint Exhibition of Xiangli Gallery, No.50, Moganshan Road,(Shanghai), Songzhuang Art Festival Joint Exhibition (Beijing), Solo exhibition at trans art gallery in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
2010- 2020, M3 Art Space Duo Exhibition, No.50 Moganshan Road-Display of Soul. Original (Shanghai), German Ringer Art Space Group Exhibition (Shanghai), Xinbo Gallery, No. 98 Moganshan Road, Contemporary Art Group Exhibition (Shanghai), International Art and Design Studio Open Exhibition (Beijing, Shanghai, Strasbourg), The 2nd Anhui Shuanglian Exhibition-Huangqiao Happiness Project (Hefei), Anhui Contemporary Art and Design Exhibition-Endless Life (Hefei), Solo Exhibition at Cultural Art Center-Colors of Countercurrent.(Hefei), Undercurrent—An Exhibition of Eight Contemporary Art in Anhui) Dadi Art Museum (Hefei),(Phenomena-Seven Contemporary Spirits of Xin’an Painting Exhibition) Kurume Art Museum (Hefei),”Place Names”-Anhui Contemporary Art Exhibition, AK Art Center (Beijing), 2nd (Hefei “Phenomena”-Ten People Exhibition) Kurume Art Museum, (Hefei), (Matrix) Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Kurume Art Museum, (Hefei), (Colourless Not Happy) Shan Gang and Zhang Peng Solo Exhibition (Hefei), (Born as Summer Flowers) Yun Contemporary Art Exhibition-2018ART Xiamen, (Xiamen), (Hot Forging Workshop) “Phenomena” Contemporary Art Exhibition, (Hefei), Contemporary Art Exhibition in the Prison Art District.  (Hefei), Phenomenon-Our Voice, Contemporary Art Exhibition (Hefei), (Homecoming) Contemporary Art Exhibition of Six Artists.  (Hefei) Binhu Art Museum, (Yuejie) The 6th Phenomenal Art Exhibition (Hefei)