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‘On the road of chasing my dreams, I have seen the light, and I have struggled in the darkness. Maybe this is life, and every bit of life prompts me to express it through sculpture. Maybe my dream is empty, and the spiritual world of most of us modern people is empty, but each of us revolves in our own world until we find the exit of life’.

Graduated from the Sculpture Department of Hebei Normal University in 2006
Director of Shenzhen New Space Public Art Research Institute

The young sculptor Wang Shu Chen has presented us with many sculpture works in recent years. These works have a public nature of watching and thinking about contemporary life from a personal perspective. Some works are allegorical, as if they are narrative tone of urban legends. It expresses the encounters of people in current life, the tension and persistence of individual life in the face of a rapidly changing world.
From a formal point of view, the people in the work are semi-abstract, shaped as full of
Air or cloud-like appearance, this kind of “shell” existence is real, and contains a little helplessness, and at the same time, they have a sense of temperature, full of warmth.
Full of goodwill and sensibility, as if you can touch the inner pulse of life.
The 2017 work “Cohesion” was selected into the Han Culture and Chinese Dream Sculpture Collection
The 2017 works “Set Sail”, “Dance of the Sea” and “Chasing Dreams” won the finalist award in Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Sculpture Competition.
The 2019 work “Sound Like Summer Flowers” was selected for the Yuhang Grand Theater Sculpture Competition
The 2019 work “City Under the Sun” won the 2019 Spoonbill Cup Excellence Award
The theme sculpture of the 2020 work “Colorful Moon Chasing Dreams” landed in Yuliangzhou, Xiangyang
The 2020 work “Cohesion” won the Excellence Award in the First Shanxi Taiyuan Ancient County Landscape Sculpture Competition
The 2020 work “Small Boat” was nominated for the 4th Spoonbill Cup
The 2021 work “The Age of Fragments” was shortlisted for the Huayang Longhua Public Art Activity in Longhua District, Shenzhen
2021 Handbook of Life Exhibition of Works Collected by Mr. Hong Boming Fujian
2021 Sara Planet Works Exhibition White Art Space
2022 Line 10 Art Group Exhibition LINE10PARK
2022 Hi21 Spring New Art Fair Hi Art
2022 Let’s RED Art Group Exhibition Shanghai Rongshe

Eind 2022 opgenomen in de collectie van Galerie Kunstbroeders