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Yang Huining, a member of China Gongbi Painting Association, a member of Female Painters Association, a member of Mural Society and a special painter of Li Keran Youth Painting Academy, was born in Liaoning in 1989, and graduated from the Mural Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor’s degree in 2012.
In 2015, she  graduated from the Mural Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a master’s degree.


2023: Yang exhibits for the first time in Europe at AAF with Galerie Kunstbroeders

2022: Solo exhibition “Childlike Childlike Heart” Beijing Xingtan Art Museum
2022: “What are you looking at” participated in the invitation exhibition of the works of the 3rd Li Keran Youth Painting Academy.

2021: “Cats”, “Leibu”and “Bodhisattva” participated in the Li Keran Painting Academy’s fine copy exhibition.
2021: “Bodhisattva Statue”, “White Tiger Star King” and “Maid “participated in the exhibition to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China (CPC)

2016: “Prosperity of the Capital of Song Dynasty” participated in the “Chinese Epic Art Exhibition” of the National Museum of China and was permanently collected and exhibited by the National Museum;

2015: “Impression of Iberia” participated in hihey’s “The True Nature of College”;

2014: “Net “was selected for the 3rd National Mural Exhibition; “Resonance” Central Academy of Fine Arts Graduate Works Exhibition; “Birds, Paradise” participated in Yan Zhiyi V “the strongest academic school”;

2013: “Prosperity of the Capital of Song Dynasty “was selected as the “Art Creation Project of Chinese Civilization History Theme” in China National Museum; “Lotus Root, Paradise” participated in the graduate work exhibition of Central Academy of Fine Arts in “Experimental Field”;

2012: “Birds, Paradise” participated in the exhibition of outstanding graduation works of “A Thousand Miles Journey”; “2012 Datong International Mural Biennale”; “New College Spirit Nomination Exhibition”; “Never Hometown” Contemporary Art Exhibition; “counterpoint” exhibition of cutting-edge works of graduate forum of Central Academy of Fine Arts;