Yang Zhao


Zhao Yang


Born in Chongqing in 1972

Currently living in Bauska, Latvia.

Solo exhibition:
2023 “Echoes of the snow” Chongqing,China.

2019  ”The taste of happiness”Beijing, China

2018 “The Wings of Fairy Tales”, wide space, Beijing, China.

2012 “Remaining” Daqian Gallery Beijing, China.

Group Exhibition:

2021 June,  “Kad tālais kļūst tuvs”, Jaņa Rozentāla un Rūdolfa Blaumaņa muzejs, Riga, Latvia

2020 March, Janis Rozentāls Saldus History and Art Museum, Latvia
2020 February, Rundāle district council town Hall, Latvia

2019 December , Exhibition hall of Ikšķile Evangelical Lutheran Church, Latvia

2019 October, “Living in Bauska”, Ziemgala, Pakruojo krasto muziejus, Lithuania

2019 “We live in Bauska”, Bauska Museum, Latvia

2014 “HI21 New Art Market” HI Art Center, China.

2013 “The Second Season of Potential Art” Beijing Art 110 Space, China.

2012 “The First Weibo Exhibition of Songzhuang Art Museum” Songzhuang Art Museum,  China.

2006 “Extraordinary lady — Female Artists Painting Exhibition” Beijing 798, Xiansheng Gallery, China.


2004 Shenzhen’s first anime hand-painted exhibition Received the Grand Prize.

2005 Published hand-painted book “Yogurt Diary” Straits Literature and Art Publishing House.

2001 Poetry “The Storm of Poetry”  Jiangsu Literature and Art Publishing House.