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Zhang Zhaoying is born in 1988, Guangzhou, PRC, graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 2013 and Brussels Institute of the Arts in 2015.

Despite his young age he is creative artist with paintings; installations and sculptures. 

 Next to numerous group expositions Zhang Zhaoying had the following solo exhibitions.

2019 “Historical Theater,”Yibo Gallery, Shanghai

 “Myth Party,”Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing

 “The Mortal Romance.” AMNUA×HERMIT, Nanjing

2018 “Zhang Zhaoying,”Yima Gallery, Chengdu

2017 “Boundary of Ambiguity,”Mao Space, Shanghai

2016 “Cultivating Ideals,”L-ART Gallery, Chengdu

 “Theater Contest,”Yiyuan Space, Wuhan

2015 “Solo Project: Titan’s Feast,”ECG Gallery, Beijing

Zhang Zhaoying has been an active young artist for the past few years. He has progressed zealously attempts in painting, installationand conceptual art. His paintings lay great emphasis on the appropriation of images. But in his paintings, the image will be carefully“tampered” and removed from the context of the original image. At the same time, he resets a scene in which the plot is optional;Sometimes the scene seems to be disorder, sometimes it lacks apt logic. This kind of fractured and even absurd narration is preferred byartists.

Zhang Zhaoying’s installation artworks also attach importance to the scene, but this scene is more or less similar to the “site” which isadvocated by minimalism. The basic purpose of the formation of “site” is to attract the audiences, and even make the audiences’viewing become an important part of the significance of the work. In fact, this “site” has another hidden purpose: judging by its external, theartist designs a viewing site for his work and for his imaginary audiences, however, once the audiences entered it, they will find that thesite is a “trap” set by the artist. For the audiences, they look both familiar and strange; people hope to fit in but finally feel incompatible withthe them. Therefore, the site diffuses a unique atmosphere, which makes the audiences completely disappointed at their aesthetic expectations.

He Guiyan

(Critic, Curator, Professor of Humanities College of Sichuan Fine Arts

 Institute and Director of Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute)