Cheng Jing

The Chinese artist, Cheng Jing, is both a sculpture and a painter. He makes his collection of horses with a skilful and extraordinarily creative talent, using the ancient Chinese Han horses as his source of inspiration. But then Jing gives his horses a modern ‘twist’ – an amusing, upright tail, a jovial mouth and a spirited stance.

When a horse is made of glass fibre and finished by the artist, he paints it. In doing so, he lets his imagination run wild. Sometimes, he gives his horses the most moving verses of Mao; other times, he places them in a pop-art configuration or brightly coloured tableau that seems to come straight from a children’s colouring book. But it always works!

Each horse is unique; no two are alike. Signed by Chen Jing. A ‘conversation piece’ for every living room.

Available exclusively from the Kunstbroeders Gallery in Amersfoort.