Hong Wai

Hong Wai was born in Shanghai, PRC( 1982) and grew up in Macao. She later studied in Taiwan, and then settled in France. She studied the contemporary presentation of the artistic spirit of the Chinese literati as part of a degree in Théories et Pratiques du Langage et des Arts at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. She uses a Chines painting brush like a silk thread, and like a skilled lace maker, she weaves lacy pattern after lacy pattern. these fine threads grow into women’s bodies, mountains and lakes. She explores new territory in Chinese ink art, hiding the mysterious and subtle within indulating mountains. After her first solo exhibition at the age of 17, Hong has exhibited widely included in Sotheby’s Gallery in Hong Kong, Lisbao Oriente Museum in Lisbon, Macao Museum of Art, and joined international art fairs such as Art Stage Singapore, Art Tapei, Naarden the Artfair, Art Karlsruhe and participated in many gallery shows in Paris; Zurich;New York, Miami, Montreal.

Her last series ‘Secret de Boudoir’; has been picked up by the top lingerie brand AUBADE who together with Hong lunges a complete line based on the design of Hong Wai.












Hong Wai; video bomen