Shi Lifeng

Shi Lifeng’s latest works is about utopian, dream-like visions of life. Shi Lifeng tells compelling stories of present struggles in China with strong contrasting colours. The characters in his paintings are a nervous bunch. They are trying to leave a life of poverty and plight by running, jumping, climbing and – quite often – falling as well. It’s life at the cliff’s edge, aware of the present danger but with a strong message of hope for a better future.

Shi Lifeng is well known in the international art scene and has participated in over thirty national and international Art Exhibitions. He is also the first Chinese artist who was chosen for an international album cover design of the US rock band Guns N’ Roses.

Works by Shi Lifeng are full of sorrow, the figures have no specific personal characteristics, only strong rigid body motions covered in red, precisely, he have the images portrayed as similar puppet-like sculptures, surroundings, no dialogues, no communications, but in order to change their situation they continuously kept strugglling and trying their best. By the using of the single red colour and the treatment on the parts of the high-light. The red color is so bright and attractive but not only a reflection of the physical, for generations of chinese people, which is the most representative manifestation of the collective experience, today this colour is uniformly parcelling these climbing people, It is incredible that they still be able to breathe and try to change their situation.