Wong Howe

NEW in our artist portfolio:

The talented young sculptor WONG HOWE

Born in 1984 in the Anhui Province(China).

Bachelor at the China Fine Academy of Art  of Sculpture  Department as well Master at the famous Japan Aichi Prefectural University. Participated in various group exhibitions in China.

Now for the first time in Europe. His bronze sculpture ‘Connected-2’ will be exhibited at the NAARDEN ART FAIR in March 2022. 

This beautiful bronze could be placed in side and outside!


The story behind the ‘Connected’ sculptures:

The series aims to explore the complex relationship and connection between people.  

Only two pieces of this series have been completed so far: ‘Connected- 1’ was inspired by the 1977 performance art work ‘Relation in Time’ by Marina Abramovic and his lover Uray, in which they tied each other’s hair together to explore the complex emotional relationship between men and women that both repulsive and attractive. They tried to become one, but found themselves ultimately forced to assume each other’s gender roles. Divided into two separate entities. ‘Connected-1’ strengthens the rigid and soft differences between men and women in form and texture through sculptural techniques, statically displaying conflicts and a sense of crisis.

In ‘Connected-2’ , two girls with the same hairstyle and clothes are bound together. They seem to be close but estranged. They stare in the same direction or object, showing sharpness and coldness under their soft and warm appearance. These days, women’s close friends are called in China “boudoir”. They are jealous and competitive with each other, which is part of the natural human nature but they love each others and stay tightly connected.