Yang Cai


‘The ‘Whale Dreams’ environmental protection series presents a colourful ocean world, which is a beautiful scene that many people yearn for.

I was born and brought upon a coastal city in China and I deeply love the sea. The special connection with the sea gives me a deep emotional love for the oceans and wild life living in our seas. Through my paintings I hope to be able to catch and convey the beautiful connection of one the greatest creatures on earth, the Whale, the sea and night sky behind the stars and other marine life in its natural state.

At the same time, I also would like to show submarine garbage piling up, which is a very alarming element and should remind people of the crisis of the marine ecology. My goal is to create a picture of healing. Awaken people’s concern and care for marine ecological protection. Find the belief that man and nature can live in harmony, and that such coexistence should be long-term.

After all 4/3 of the earth is covered under the blue oceans, which is the main part of the earth. It is the rule of life and the source of human civilisation. There is only one precious blue planet, which cannot be copied or reduced.

Considering that the existence of human beings is depending on sea life, we should not let these lovely creatures disappear in the hands of our generation. Therefore, my work aims to arouse people’s awareness of environmental protection through the power of art, calling on everyone to protect the marine ecological environment, to ensure that our beautiful home the Earth can be preserved, not only for the current human beings, but also for future generations.’

Painter Yang Cai is a young and rising star, extremely concerned about the environment. In his surrealistic paintings he glorifies, one the greatest creatures on our planet and give them the ‘stage’ they deserve and probably need to have,  to create attention and a cry for protection. His paintings are full of details which one detects by looking carefully time after time. His use of colours is warm and are giving a caring and loving feeling for the main person on his paintings that is the Whale. Hopefully his paintings contribute to be abetter sea life!


2023: AAF AMSTERDAM; Linguan Youth Contemporary Exposition;Macau Cultural and Creative Exhibition; Dalen Contemporary Trend IP Exhibition; Langhua Mountain Sketching Exhibition.

2022: Shenzen Damen International Oil Painting Biennale; The 16th China Cultural Expo