Du Jia

The artist Du Jia (1982) was born in Nanchang in Jiangxi province in China. Since completing her art studies, Du Jia has been a successful professional artist whose European-flavoured still-lives in the style of the Dutch Old Masters are very popular in her homeland of China.Du Jia studied art at Jiangxi Art University and has also taken many additional art courses, including the MA Course in Tempera Oil Painting at the College of Fine Arts in Shanghai in 2008. Du Jia still uses this technique to create her masterpieces.

Du Jia’s still-lives are mainly painted on wood panel in the tradition of the European Old Masters. Her compositions are simple and powerful, and feature Chinese objects for those who look carefully. Above all, they are atmospheric, partly through the use of the tempera technique. Her work sometimes has a touch of Helmantel about it, although Du Jia’s work is more robust and with less intricate detailing. Du Jia’s paintings have appeared in various shows and have been exhibited at leading galleries in Shanghai. Since 2013 Du Jia has been represented for Europe by Galerie Kunstbroeders, who present Du Jia’s work in their own exhibitions and at (inter)national art fairs.