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Zhang Wanqi is a renowned watercolorist. He is known in China and is a multiple winner of various competitions. His style is so typical of Chinese artists. With a smooth brushstroke he paints landscapes, fish, forests and the most beautiful Chinese flowers. He often provides his watercolors with inspiring poem lines. The watercolors are usually signed with his signature and his chops (wax seal and in Chinese the signature). He paints on 80 grams watercolor paper and on traditional rice paper. He gets his inspiration from the frequent travels he makes in China and which he records with his camera. Once home, he translates these images into the most beautiful watercolors. With his watercolors he tries to build a bridge between traditional Chinese and Western art. Zhang is a professor at the University of Shanghai where he teaches drawing and watercolor painting. In addition, he fulfills many prominent administrative roles in the art world and is chairman of the Chinese society of aquarists.